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I can’t tell you how many times I have heard my friends and family members tell me that my kids are so photogenic. Anytime a camera is pointed in their faces they bring out the big smiles, and bright eyes. But why? Is it because they are special kiddo’s who just know what to do innately? Even though they are super special to me, they didn’t come into the world just knowing what to do. I had to “train” them, and I started young. Since they were able to walk, I would do my best to pose them, and tell them to look at the camera and smile. So much so that now – posing, smiling, and being engaged is second nature to them. I can still take candid portraits of them whenever I want, but if I need a posed shot, they know what to do! If you want better shots – working with them at an early age is a sure fire way to get there!


They aren’t just the window to the soul. They are the main focal point on the face when we look at portraits. They draw us in, and intrigue us. So instead of making sure you get the full shot in the frame, focus on the eyes, and you will see a dramatic change in your photography skills.


You don’t have to crawl on all fours to get a good shot, but it’s important to get on their level in some way. Shot’s that seem like a tall oak tree took them, aren’t very engaging to the viewer, so make sure you get a little bend of the knee and take the shots from your children’s level. Not only is it fun and more engaging for your kiddos, but you’ll definitely get a better shot!


Birthday parties and major events aren’t the only snap worthy settings. Playing in their rooms, running around outside, flying kites outside, are all super special moments that you should definitely be capturing! It’s creative, and artistic and will bring so much more life to your memories. So be sure to enjoy all the moments for better images!


Our kids are so colorful, both inside and out. Bright vibrant colors typically adorn them in their clothing, so its important to keep backgrounds as simple as possible. Too much going on distracts the viewer, and it can be confusing. So keep your backgrounds as simple as they can be, so your beautiful children can shine through!

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