with you is one of the best things about being a photographer, and I love knowing that I will be able to help you in any way I can. I’m a people pleaser, what can I say? When I meet you for the first time I want to know about you and your life. But since you’re here, I’ll share a couple of bits about me…  
At home, I chase around two of the most precious human beings I have ever met, and I make sure they aren’t hungry and their faces stay clean.  I love a good book and could read for hours. I like to tinker with web design (still learning code – so rough!), and have been known to physically dismantle a computer to fix it. My heart sings when I draw, or hum worship music while doing dishes. I’m a romantic at heart and believe that chivalry will never die! 
I’m also obsessed with Photoshop, and spend way too much time editing my images to perfection! The way it makes me feel when you are so happy with your portraits is priceless! 
My husband is my best friend and my biggest supporter – even when I drive him nuts with my crazy ideas! He tags along with me to most of my shoots, and he’s absolutely hilarious!
I’m a lifelong learner, I love to learn new things and also learn about new people. I would say I’m introverted but extroverted too, depending on the day.  
Just like you, I have good days and bad days. I have moments of complete exhaustion, but also pure joy and I don’t take a minute of my blessings for granted! 
Want to learn more about how you can enhance your home and life with amazing portraits that you will cherish forever? CONTACT ME so we can chat about it!
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