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Photo of Photographer Ashley Black
Siblings black and white
My two beautiful kiddo's!


I get asked sometimes how I became a photographer. It’s a typical story, but it transformed the way I view the world!

As a mom of 2, with a love of art and being creative; I decided to take a dive into photography after my daughter was born (babe #2). I wanted to capture as many moments of her as I could! So I bought a used camera from a woman who also had her own photography business. It was cheap, but it worked and lunged me into snapping photos whenever possible. Posting photos on social media and even printing a few for my own home; I knew there was artistic value in what I was doing. Friends and family would ask for photos and I became more immersed in the world of photography as time went on. What once was a hobby, slowly became a service I could offer to as many people that would allow me!


I have always had a creative bone. When I was little, I would spend countless hours drawing with pencils and painting. Into my adulthood I chose a career in graphic design, creating digital art. I realized that the same creativity in other areas of my life also transferred to my photography. One more outlet for my artistic expression!


The happiness I get from sending a client a beautiful portfolio of their images, their intimate art that they can be proud of – gives me a feeling I cant describe! My hope is to capture those moments in your life, with your family, so you can cherish them for years to come.

I believe the moments in our life are precious, fleeting, and create the most beautiful art that we will ever own!

If you would like to contact me to discuss scheduling a portrait session, please contact me here. Leave as much information as you can so that I can create a perfect portrait session package for you! Also, check out my facebook page – I’m pretty active there and can answer inquiries faster than I do my personal website!

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