Pro Touch

Pro Touch is a premium service that I offer to clients who would like expert editing done to their portraits.

Before ProTouch

Unnoticed hair & skin blemishes can get in the way,
distracting the eye from what matters most!

After ProTouch

Attention to every detail is key!
I remove anything that gets in the way of enjoying a beautiful portrait!​

Why isnt this included with my regular package?

In short, intensive editing takes a lot of hours to accomplish correctly, especially when editing numerous photos for a client.  There are so many tiny details that we don’t think about when taking photographs with powerful camera’s. Crisp images are what we want, without all of the smaller – less desirable details added. Standard portraits will include light editing and will still be beautiful, however, ProTouch takes your images to the next level and is highly recommended for stunning results! 

What Pro Touch is:
Aside from general editing that you receive with most photographers (a few soft touch filters and exposure modifications),
Pro Touch takes your portraits to the next level.
All of your portraits are reviewed for every imperfection and remastered so that they are flawless.
Imperfections such as:
*Fly -Aways
*Make up smudging
* Skin scarring
*Lipstick on teeth/ Yellow teeth
*Dull eyes
*Eyebrow fill in/correction
* Facial Hair
* Lint/Animal Hair on clothing
* Wrinkles (facial or body)
* Moles
* Under eye darkness
*Slight to moderate weight loss (at my discretion)

What Pro Touch is not:
You are unique and your photos need to accentuate your uniqueness!
Retouching photo’s should only be used to enhance you, not change you completely.

Unrealistic changes would be:
*Digital makeup
* A massive amount of weight-loss
*Complete outfit changes (digitally)
*Making you look decades younger
* Glamour style photography
*Outfit color changes
*Hair shape/color changes
*Adding unrealistic glow
*Complete photo manipulation/green screen

Please do not ask for these services, as I will not do them.

***I reserve the right to refuse any or all retouching services to my discretion, as stated in your contract due at booking.***

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